Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Don't Believe I've Mentioned This Week That I'm Going to LONDON!

During my lunch break, I stopped by Borders to "purchase" a new London guidebook (pictured). After redeeming my Borders Reward Certificates, I ended up paying $0.95. I hope it's worth it! Ha!

Seriously, I love the TimeOut guidebooks. Quirky. Fun. Good advice on all sorts of things. And, unlike Lonely Planet guidebooks, the maps tend to be accurate. I swear, the Lonely Planet cartographers must draw the maps drunk. Or high. Or both. Either that or at some point between publication and my trips, entire buildings move several blocks, crossing roads, rivers, and railways. Tricky bastards to plot, those moving buildings.

ANYWAY, I've been to London enough that I don't need to see the typically touristy stuff. I like guidebooks that highlight out-of-the-way interesting little spots, like medical museums or the Ragged School Museum.

Next on my travel planning agenda is figuring out when -and for how long- I want to go to Scotland. I'll need to pick up one more guidebook for that, I think. Fortunately, I have some unused Barnes and Noble giftcards. YAY for free books!


  1. you think the people who hire for DHL are the same people who hire for Lonely Planet? or perhaps DHL uses Lonely Planet maps.. that would explain a lot. wouldn't it?

  2. YAY!! I was just there in December. I love London, despite the tiny hotel rooms and ridiculously expensive dining.

    Save up your money, the cheapest part of that city is getting there and your hotel. The incidentals are staggering, including 40 Pound (80$) cab fares to and from the airport. I mean who wants to carry all of that luggage on the Tube, which does run from Heathrow into the city. If you plan on the Tube make sure your flights coincide with it's schedule, they don't start running until like 7 in the morning.

    I cant wait to hear more.



  4. wow! you're going to london?

    are you going to visit the black museum at scotland yard?

    when you're in scotland, take a trip to dunbar (conveniently named after bran)and have a taste of the scotch the family brews :)

  5. Cartography is precise business, one mistake and all measurements you make after it are worth shit; believe me, it is hard work. The problem always is to find the point at which the measuring flaw occurred, at school we just re-do the entire measurement.

    Have fun in London!

  6. My favourite Lonely Planet comment was an entry about Nice, South of France. Not a single one of the hotel or hostels they listed actually existed despite it being the very latest edition - less than six months old.

    The other huge glaring omission was the lack of comment about a beautiful castle. In fact, the guide book stated categorically that the town had no castles or chateaus.

    Um. I wonder what that huge stoney structure overlooking the coastline is? It looks kind of castley? It's got good, strong protective walls, over 6ft thick. There are signs all over it telling of the history of Nice castle. There's a keep and battlements. Now, what can it possibly be I wonder?