Thursday, September 07, 2006

London! Dilemma!

As some of you may have heard (and/or read), I'M GOING TO LONDON!!!! (from Oct. 7th-22nd).

I will be staying with my friend, and former co-worker in Japan, A-M. It's hard to believe I've known her for over 10 years (and we have been on speaking terms for *most* of those years)! Another one of our friends from Japan, D, moved to London last year with her boyfriend, so it will be a reunion of sorts - the three of us together again, drinking loads and ... well ... drinking loads more.

Today, I was checking the RyanAir site, and they have started a "free" flights [+ taxes/fees] campaign! I was thinking about flying up to Glasgow to visit Bellringer Mike while I was there. A RT ticket on RyanAir would be about 30GBP [I'm not sure of the exchange rate right now, but I guess that would be between $50-60?].

BUT, here's my dilemma, I've been to Scotland before. It would be great to see Mike and Matt (assuming they have moved there by then ... he's still waiting on his paperwork, I think). However, there are LOADS of cheap flights to other cool places - ROME! DUBLIN! PRAGUE! The mind boggles!

I would love to go to Dublin! I could read Ulysses on the way (and while) there! I could drink Guinness! In the Land of Guinness! Oooh. So exciting!

So, my people, what would you do? Here's a little quiz, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below:

Q: Where should VUBOQ go during his fantastic 2-week vacation to London?

a) Visit Glasgow only
b) Coordinate a London-Glasgow-Dublin-London trip
c) Visit Dublin only
d) Visit some other exciting and exotic locale
e) Stay in London

Please bear in mind when answering that in London and, possibly, Glasgow, I have free places to stay. Given my finances, any trip will only be for a few (possibly 4) days.


  1. d)visit some other exciting and exotic locale (and possibly drag mie and matt with you).

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Visit Dublin only. And say hi to Bono for me.

  3. Listen to your quote from Dickens.
    Do London-Glasgow-Dublin-London.

    You've already been to London, expand your horizons.
    Besides, those Scottish and Irish men are much cuter than the British. :)

  4. Oh, you need to go somewhere you have not been! Who needs friendship when Milán is calling? Or Dublin? Or any exciting city anywhere? Unless Detroit calls you. Totally use the caller ID to screen out Detroit.

    Or you could forget Europe all together and come to Boston!

  5. Visit as much crazy cities as you can!!! And perhaps drop by over here in the Netherlands :)

    Have fun in Europe; land of the free!

  6. d) Visit other exciting cities!

    If you remember it was ME that suggested the whacky idea of getting out of London on one of the many cheap flights that are now available!

    I know Europe pretty well and I also know some very reasonably priced places to stay where you won't have to be subjected to "the sounds of other people having sex through paper-thin walls".

    Or, even worse, forced into sex with the owner of the establishment for the "Special discount rate". Unless of course you want those things?

    I can advise accordingly.

    Your friendly, and very honest, travel advisor, Only Me!

  7. PS. Despite the hype (and all the disrespect I'll get from your fellow readers) Guiness in Ireland isn't actually that different.

    Wherever you get it on draught it's the same, the water is the only difference. The rest of the ingrediants are shipped. I know this because my best friend does it for a living.

    If you can taste the difference in the local water over the taste of the Guiness ingrediants then "top o' the mornin to yar, an' haff me pot o' gold!"