Monday, September 18, 2006

In Flight Knitting

Sin asked about my travel-knitting, so here's a picture of my WIP:


I started it on Thursday night, but did most of the knitting on the plane(s) and in the airport(s) on Friday and Sunday. I like the colors. I like the yarn, which is very soft (cashmere, merino, and microfiber). It will eventually look like these.

I am a slow knitter. Hopefully, I will finish the hat tonight or tomorrow.

Something important to note is that the knitting is not a good way to attract the hot, single, gay mens in the airports. However, it is a good way to attract the crazy older knitterwomen and the bored, unattractive married mens who want to talk about the wives and the crocheting.

Speaking of the airports ... do airport shops no longer carry gay magazines? Atlanta, Greensboro, Dulles, Cincinnati - none of their shops sold any gay mags. Very sad.


  1. cute!!! i want one.

    and yes, airports do not carry gay magazines... have they before?

  2. the yarn looks great. thanks for the tip on the pattern website.. everything there looks very nice. now off to developing a new strategy to attract the mens!

  3. Oh I loooove that color green, you are so talented, it looks flawless.


  4. Why do crazy older knitterwomen want to talk about their wives with you?

    I am not sure that I can remember U.S. airports ever having gay magazines.

  5. You're a faster knitter than I am! I've taken to the "Knifty Knitter"... I'm much faster at that and Kyra can do it too! yay!

    BTW, your "cranky" picture is cute. ;-)

  6. Ooops. Pls disregard previous post comment about attracting "mens"! Sorry, I like to read these in order.

    I attract mad knitting types all the time despite never knitting. I'm just a phreak beacon...

  7. do you mean magazines like honcho or inches? i never noticed these at any airports. maybe i haven't gone back in the racks far enough! what fun!

  8. I love Sin. And your knitting.