Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Election Results. Sort of.

With the giant mess that was my -and most of Montgomery County's- voting experience yesterday, I'm fairly sure that my vote has not been counted. I am not sure if it ever will be. Ah, the joys of the provisional ballot. BAH!

A few of the races still seem too close to call and, according to the WaPo website, many precincts still haven't reported their results [either that or the WaPo people are too lazy to update local election results].

As of right now, here are what looks to be the results for the candidates I voted for:


Democratic Primary: Governor/ Lt. Governor: Martin O'Malley/ Anthony G. Brown (unopposed)
Comptroller: Peter Franchot (36% of the vote)
State Senator, District 20: Jamie Raskin (67% of the vote)
House of Delegates, District 20: Sheila Ellis Hixson (19% of the vote), Heather R. Mizeur (22% of the vote)
County Executive: Ike Leggett (61% of the vote)
County Council at Large: Marc Elrich (14% of the vote)
State's Attorney: John McCarthy (68% of the vote)
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Loretta E. Knight (56% of the vote)
Sheriff: Raymond Michael Kight (48% of the vote)
Board of Education at Large: Shirley Brandman (59% of the vote)
Board of Education, District 5: Nancy Navarro (57% of the vote)


Attorney General: Stuart O. Simms (43% of the vote)
US Senators: Kweisi Mfume (38% of the vote)
House of Delegates, District 20: Gareth E. Murray (6% of the vote)
County Council, District 5: Hans Reimer (41% of the vote)

Too Close to Call:

Representative in Congress, District 4: Donna Edwards (48% of the vote, 75% precincts reporting, currently in lead by about 250 votes)

County Council at Large: Michael L. Subin (12% of the vote, 50% reporting, currently in 5th - top 4 move to the general election)

Can I pick the WINNERS, or what? *heh*

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  1. Sorry I had to cut you off last night. Of course I made it just in time for the scheduled break. Haa!!! Anyway, I sure am glad I live in Frederick... at least we had our little voting cards!! Go Fredneck!! :) I'll call you later tonight!!