Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rejected Once Again

I have once again been overlooked by the MacArthur Foundation. No "Genius Grant" for VUBOQ.

VUBOQ sad.

It is important to note that until very recently I thought that this foundation was somehow affliated with General "I Shall Return" MacArthur. Color me embarassed. Perhaps that's why they keep ignoring my creative contribution to society.

In other news, the meeting with the realtor went well. He didn't mention John. Nor did I. I was a bit apprehensive walking to Christal's. *whew*

Finally, a little poll ...

If you recently moved into a new apartment, would you rather receive

a) a nice plant of some sort,
b) a basket of English muffins/breakfasty foods, or
c) something else which you must name in your comment.



  1. Would you deliver this item with or without clothing?

  2. gayprof: ha! while i'm not entirely averse to delivering house-warming presents sans clothing, in this particular case, it will probably be delivered by UPS.

  3. Yummy foods will get you more appreciation now, while the plant will either make her happy longer, or make her sad, depending on how well she generally takes care of houseplants.

    I got two plants for my housewarming last July, and one is still alive, so I guess that's good...

  4. if i'm not asked in advance what gift i prefer then it would be either a plant or an amazon gift certificate (given that you can use it to buy whatever).

  5. LOL, for a second there I was like, who is the MacArthur grant named for? And then I remembered I've watched enough PBS over the years to have the phrase "major funding for this program provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation" drilled into my head.

  6. I think a plant, maybe a bonsai.
    Some call it a labor of love. :)
    If I got one I would be thrilled, and always think of the giver with affection.

  7. I THOUGHT WE'D ALREADY DECIDED THIS. see if i share my wonderful insights with you again.

  8. I'm with bala wala shi on this one. Gift certificates are always great. I used to hate them for being the least imaginative gift possible but in my oldness I've turned to appreciating them.

    Mainly for the reason they are useless apart from buying things. I know that sounds silly but it's true. I may think to myself "I need a juicer" for 5 years but I never buy it because there's always something more worthwhile to waste my money on. When I have receive a voucher I have to spend it otherwise it's a wasted gift, so I use them for buying the things I've always wanted but never bothered to buy.

    Besides, I feel an obligation to buy something so that I can send a photo the the voucher giver to prove I actually done something with it.

    The only exception to this was when my last work gave all employees gift vouchers for a crappy but expensive department store. I just waited until I saw someone in the queue with loads of stuff and a fistful of notes. I said, "Hey! I don't want anything from this store but I have #100 of vouchers. Wanna swap them for #80 cash?" Everyone happy....!

  9. Booze is a winner with me.

  10. Diablo, I guess VUBOQ does not respect your opinion. Or mine. Or Jake's...

  11. plants are nice as are tea/coffee baskets. i've also seen lovely preserve baskets that have jams and other spreads as well as an assortment of crackers. i'm partial to the tea/coffee basket things.

  12. ARRR! Who'll be sayin' no to a bottle of rum, me heartie?

    (still TLAPD on this side o' the sea, wot)

  13. I moved into my condo this past November. I got a ton of different housewarming gifts, but my favorite? One of those mega Brita water pitcher thingies for my fridge.