Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Great White Way

Some of you may remember back in my Enviroboi incarnation I wrote about "The Worst Date Ever." It took place in early Spring, perhaps April? Towards the end of the date, as we were walking to the Metro Station, we passed a woman who was wearing white shoes.

My date, utterly aghast, exclaimed, "How dare she wear white shoes before Memorial Day?!" Maybe if we were walking down the street during the White Shoes Only Between Memorial and Labor Day and Never Wear Pearls Before 5PM 1950s, his response would have been appropriate, and we could have whipped out our sterling silver martini shakers and flogged the woman about her head and shoulders.

However, this was in the early Who Gives a Flying Fuck About When to Wear White Shoes or Pearls 2000s and the-very-frustrated-at-this-point I responded, "Perhaps she doesn't prescribe to outmoded fashion dictates?"

Every now and again, about this time of year, I come across a blog post in which someone is ranting about someone else wearing white -and not necessarily shoes- after Labor Day and I think, "Eh. Get over yourselves."
and "Stop being so closed-minded."
and "Comfort and style are more important."

For example, when I lived in Japan, my junior high and high school students were often the victims of rigid fashion dictums (dicta?).

Autumn comes early in Japan. Think of the Autumnal Equinox being the midpoint of Autumn, rather than the beginning. At the early August arrival of "Autumn,"* Japanese school uniforms switch from short-sleeve Summer cotton shirts to heavy wool Winter weight. It didn't matter if the temperature in southern Japan was frequently over 80 degrees in late August. The students had to wear their Winter wool uniforms to school. *gasp* I had heat stroke simply looking at them.

A more common sense approach to uniforms (and the wearing of white shoes whenever the hell you want) would be to allow comfort and personal style determine the clothes. Yet, when have Japanese Education Bureaucracies (and ignorant little queens) allowed common sense to influence their decision-making processes? Possibly never.

So ... um ... my point being: Wear white whenever you friggin' want.
VUBOQ declares it to be A-OK!

(If you must know, VUBOQ doesn't wear white much at all. It's too hard to keep clean.)

*OMG. Was that some fucking fantastic alliteration or what?

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  1. Oddly enough, "your worst date ever" was correct if he was being picky. It's wearing white shoes that have some people's arse in a knot.
    My philosophy in terms of fashion, wear what you like, whenever you like.