Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Like Yarn for Knitting

Last night, as I sat there, slightly intoxicated, casting on 134 stitches in a wheat-brown yarn on #3 bamboo needles, I suddenly thought of Like Water for Chocolate. I had just gotten off the phone with Mike a little earlier, and the hat I was beginning to knit was for him.

What if, like in the book, my feelings while knitting were somehow transferred to the knitted object and the wearer?

I had been thinking some not very nice thoughts. I emptied my mind (which isn't all that hard to do) and concentrated on happy things and friendly feelings and good memories. It was exhausting.

Negativity is so much easier.

I think I need to do that for all my knitting. As I stated earlier today, knitting is my thinking time, but too often I dwell on the negative as I knit and purl. I need to focus on positive thoughts and outcomes.

And, maybe, this will transfer to those who wear items I knit as well ...


  1. i read the book, "like water for chocolate" and liked it through the middle.. the end was somehow dissatisfying. can't remember why. is the movie any good? did you see the movie?

    you know, i like knitting too. it's meditation time. if you don't want to think negative, but it's hard to think positive, try not to think at all and just focus on the needles. it's relaxing.

  2. Or you could be like the women in the French Revolution and knit secret messages that will lead to all of our freedom. It's an option.

  3. You make it sound sort of like voodoo...

    The cursed caps of VUBOQ...

  4. There's a whole school of conscious knitting... using it as a spiritual practice. The act of knitting itself is soothing and repetative, like singing a rosary or chanting a mala. There are even a bunch of books on the topic. Check out "Knitting into the Mystery" for an intro to the genre. I think they're on a Catholic thing, but it translates to non-denominational spiritual practices as well, obviously. I think it's great you're using your knitting time to really take inventory of your mental state and consciously deciding to remove those negative thoughts. The truth is that thinking nasty shit about other people, satisfying as it is, does nothing but hurt the one who's thinking them. You rock, Vuboq.