Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Update

I'm at Christal's. After checking her mail and watering her plants, I uploaded a few photos from our picnic yesterday. Here's a quick rundown of my Labor Day Weekend activities:

-Left work at 4:30.
-Happy hour at Tapatinis (Open bar $25 from 5-8)
-Drank 5.5 martinis. *oog*
-In hurricane force winds, went to Mike's house.
-Watched TV.
-Decided to leave around midnight. (why? I have no idea)
-Trip home in hurrican force winds. Not fun. Took forever.

-Saw The Illusionist with Mike. Very good. Highly recommended
-Walked around the Mall with Mike.
-Ate dinner at Jaleo with Mike.
-Went home with Mike.

-I got a package! I got a package! Thanks Jay! *big smooches*
-Picnic in Rock Creek Park with Mike, Tomoko, and Dennis. FUN!
-Went to Be Bar (brand new gay bar near Mike's house).
-John, the Cheating Cheater was there.
-Ignored him.
-Went home with Mike.

-Slept in.
-Mike made breakfast tacos.
-Came to Christal's.

No other plans for the day.
Will head home. Sit on sofa. Knit and watch DVDs.

Here's a cute photo from the picnic:

picnic 004


  1. Aww, how adorable!

  2. "Big Smooches"? Is that all I get?! I spent hours deliberating over what to send you!

    You're now the owner of the tackiest gifts Australia has to offer! Or did you have them all already? Or were they too useful and not tacky enough? The clip-on Koala must have been tacky enough...