Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Judy in Disguise

(with Glasses)

Self with Glasses

Since I spent the night at Mike's on Saturday and Sunday, I didn't take out my contacts for nearly 3 days. My eyes? They are red. Today, I'm giving them a break by wearing my supercute glasses (from SEE).

I have worn "corrective lenses" since I was in the 2nd grade. I began wearing contact lenses my freshman year of high school. Three years ago, I decided to give my eyes a break and wore glasses full time. I went back to contacts a year later.

Anyway, I am totally loving the green cotton sweater I'm wearing. I bought it from J. Crew a few months ago in their super summer clearance sale. I think it was less than $20 ... possibly around $12. Super!Cute!



  1. Love the glasses. You should wear them more often.

    According to every comic book ever, nobody should be able to recognize you now.