Friday, September 08, 2006

Paralyzed by Indecision

I checked the RyanAir site again this morning, the bargain tix must be purchased by midnight Monday (UK time). I freaked. I almost bought a ticket to Dublin, but then I started looking at hotel prices. GAH! Expensive! I think budgetary constraints will keep me in London and Scotland. That will still be fun. The last time I was in Glasgow was in 1990, and that was for less than 24 hours. Plus, by staying a few nights with friends, I can spend more time toodling around, rather than spending my money on hotels. Win-Win, yo!

Mike came over for dinner last night. I cooked Thai food - green curry and a black-pepper encrusted pan-fried tofu. The green curry was hotter than usual. I used a different brand of curry paste, forgetting that this brand tends to be more hot. Oops. Still, it was delicious. The tofu was also good. I used a recipe I found online. This one. Mike said it was the best tofu dish he's ever eaten. I wouldn't go that far, but, still, it was yummy. And, relatively easy even though I have difficulty frying things. You would think given my Southern background, I'd be a master of frying. I blame my Yankee Mother. She can't fry food to save her life.

After dinner, we watched Poseidon (the 2006 re-make). It was good. Suspenseful. The acting was not all that great, but who ever watches disaster flicks for the acting [point of reference: Shelley Winter's "heart attack" in The Poseidon Adventure]?

Mike left around 9:45. He had to meet an out-of-town friend who was going to crash at his place. I cleaned the kitchen, talked to a friend in NC, and went to bed.

Plans for the weekend: Happy Hour tonight at Halo. Saturday, possibly spending some time at the Silver Spring Jazz Festival. No plans for Sunday. Hopefully, I will be seeing Mike either Saturday or Sunday.

Oh, and thank you to all who participated in my little poll yesterday. I appreciate your input. *smooches*


  1. Frying comes very naturally to me but I would not know where to begin frying tofu. That sounds like an art of some sort.

  2. Once again, me trying to make travel arrangements. I have a friend in Dublin and I'm sure he could recommend some much better, cheaper accomodation than you'd find on web. Local knowledge is worth almost more than google sometimes!

    PS. I put a belated thing in on yesterdays poll.