Friday, September 01, 2006

So I Was Counting the Ways I Admire GayProf When ...

I got to 2,539 and my pen ran out of ink. It's a good thing, because my hand was starting to cramp. There are just too many. Too. Many.

Now, I'm listening to my J-Pop collection. FUN. How can you not love the line "give me smile and shine day?" Hm?

The rain still falls.
The wind still blows.
We are still going to Happy Hour.


To Tapatinis. They have a $25 all you can drink happy hour from 5-8 [so ... hrm ... should that be a Happy Three Hours?]. The cool thing is that high call likkers are included. Woo hoo!

I'll need to have at least 3 martinis to get my money's worth.

Unfortunately, quoth my friend, Darryl, who is also coming to the happy hour,

"Martinis are like breasts. 2 are just right. 3 are too many."

To which VUBOQ adds,

"and 4 are fantastic!"

Not that I would know, having never known the love of a woman ... let alone a three- or four-breasted one. I'm getting a little silly now. I think it's Friday-itis, combined with my giganto lunch.

I'm trying to eat all of it so that I don't get all martini-sick later on this evening. Must. Maintain. Control.

Especially, since there is the opportunity for red. hot. luvin'. later.

Mmmm. RHL. Mmmmm.

Yume yo asaki yume yo watashi wa koko ni imasu.


  1. Oh, poor VUBOQ, you should type the reasons you admire me. Doing it long-hand will take you much too much time.

  2. Four ARE fantastic!

  3. Haru yo tooi haruyo~