Thursday, September 28, 2006

Weekend O' Fun

Let the Weekend O' Fun begin! [or, um, let it begin in about seven hours ...]

Lots going on ... Happy Hour at Halo tonight. Jake coming into town tomorrow. Going Red for Autumn. Saturday Early Evening Margaritas (SEEM). And who knows what other fun there will be?

So, last night, in preparation for the arrival of the Jake, I started de-cat-hairing the apartment. Jake, apparently, is allergic to the hair of the cat. I will be turning my bedroom into a "Cat Free Zone" and, hopefully, that will be sufficient. One thing I learned last night: Removing cat hair from velvety drapes? Not so easy.

As it was laundry day, it was also call all my friends who also have Verizon and catch up. I had a nice long chat with my college best friend, Isa. I tried calling Lori too, but we kept missing each other. And, I talked to Christal. I filled everyone in on the latest Mike news. Loads of fun. But, y'know, the more I talk about these things, the better I feel. Sure it hurt, but I'm slowly realizing that I've known the end was coming ... I was just trying to avoid it. I'll miss the sex though.

One of the washing machines is still broken, which meant it took me FOREVER to get my three loads of wash done. I finally had everything folded and my bed made with nice, clean, warm sheets by 10PM. *geh* I spoke to several neighbors, and all are not happy with the lack of response we are getting from our management company. It may be time to initiate a search for a new one. Thank goodness I'm not on the board and have to deal with this.


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  1. aw... u're going through all that trouble for this jake guy? why? seems like he's a big loser, allergic to cat hair! what's wrong with him?