Friday, September 08, 2006

Truly Happy

The other night I watched Harry Potter 3 for the umpteenth time. During the scene in which he's trying to learn the patronus charm. Professor Lupin tells him to think of a strong, happy memory.

That's when I started to think about what happy memory I would choose ... and, I realized that I can't remember any particular moment when I was *that* happy. I mean, I have happy memories, but I'm having trouble placing my finger on one in which I felt like joy oozed out my pores ... *heh* Y'know what I'm saying here? Happy enough to conjure a patronus?

On the flip side, I believe I can remember every single embarassing and/or painful moment of my life.

Why is that? Why do I remember the bad and forget the good? Is that how everyone's brains work? I wonder ... Can you remember a moment in your life when you were so filled with happiness you thought you might burst? Feel free to share ...

In the meantime, your homework assignment (and mine) is to go forth and create some happy memories this weekend!



  1. i don't think i remember a happy "moment"-- i might remember a happy sequence of moments or the like. but the feelings of wanting to burst of happiness never accompany those memories. they basically just feel nice. but i do remember embarassing, sad and angry moments. often they feel intense when i remember them if i hadn't resolved the issues they are connected with or not enough time had passed. so i suppose you are not alone. harry potter seems to be the odd one to me.

  2. Yes, yes I can remember. But now that memory is tainted by everything that came afterwards... so it is no longer happy.

  3. There are no memories where my pores are exploding with pleasure, but there are memories that make me smile and feel warm inside. Would that be enough for that spell? I'd say so... I'm no magician anyway; much more dangerous also than being a paramedic.

  4. Yeah, I am with Marve exactly.

    In terms of your own memories, don't your remember the thrill of finding my blog? Didn't you just fill with joy?

  5. As ever, I must go against the grain. Although I know what Marve and Gayprof are saying, I still remember that first moment with partner.

    Whenever we have an argument or anything like that I just remember the time we first hugged one another. That moment, that day, will never cease to be happy for me.