Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Veni, Vidi, Voti

I came. I saw. I voted.

I arrived at my polling site at 7:15 this morning. There was already a long line.

"What's taking so long," asked a woman behind me.
"I'm sorry," replied the harried volunteer. "The voter access cards for the electronic voting machines haven't arrived."
"When will the get here," asked someone else.
"The people at the Board of Elections say 'shortly,'" he said.

"Shortly." Mm-hm. In the meantime, every person in the line had to fill out an application to use a provisional ballot. You know, the ones 'they' don't count until a month later.

Help! Help! I'm being disenfranchised!

Later this morning, I will write a short note to the Montgomery County Board of Elections, expressing my concern that a) even with MONTHS of time to prepare, they still couldn't get their act together, b) all of us who used provisional ballots will have our votes accurately recorded, and c) commending the volunteers who were making the best of an unpleasant situation.

In the meantime, if you're interested, here's who I voted for:

Democratic Primary:

Governor/ Lt. Governor: Martin O'Malley/ Anthony G. Brown (unopposed)
Comptroller: Peter Franchot
Attorney General: Stuart O. Simms
US Senators: Kweisi Mfume
Representative in Congress, District 4: Donna Edwards
State Senator, District 20: Jamie Raskin
House of Delegates, District 20: Sheila Ellis Hixson, Heather R. Mizeur, Gareth E. Murray
County Executive: Ike Leggett
County Council at Large: Marc Elrich, Michael L. Subin
County Council, District 5: Hans Reimer
State's Attorney: John McCarthy
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Loretta E. Knight
Sheriff: Raymond Michael Kight
Board of Education at Large: Shirley Brandman
Board of Education, District 5: Nancy Navarro

And there you have it! I hope all both of my readers in Maryland and the District will get out there and exercise your constitutional right to have your vote misplaced and/or miscounted! Woo hoo! Democracy ROCKS!


  1. OMG! You know all these people? You guys have too many elections. We vote (have rights to vote) only for congressmen, governors, prefecture/city council members and supreme court judges in Japan. Now as I live abroad, I can vote for congressmen only.

  2. OMG! and it's just primaries!

  3. Gee, unable to cast votes in a heavily Deomcratic area? How unexpected?

  4. I feel so incredibly ashamed after reading this post. I have only voted in Presidential elections.