Thursday, September 14, 2006

Attracting the Mens

As some of you may know, VUBOQ is journeying to NC this weekend to visit with the family. Oh, joy! Oh, rapture!

This trip involves considerable time in a couple of airports: Dulles and whatever the one in Atlanta is called [yes, VUBOQ has to fly to Atlanta then back to Greensboro. *curses the cheap non-direct tickets*].

Normally, when in the airports, VUBOQ has used a tried and true technique to attract the mens: VUBOQ puts on his headphones, reads his magazine/book, and glares at anyone who even *thinks* of approaching him.

For some reason, this technique has not worked optimumly.

TODAY, in fact, a few minutes ago, VUBOQ realized what he was doing wrong, why he was not attracting the mens in the airports:

He was not knitting!!!

Tomorrow, at the airports, VUBOQ will put on his headphones, pull out his yarn and needles, and knit a hat or scarf or something. The mens will flock to him like sheep to the slaughter!

HA! This VUBOQ, he is the genius.


  1. Umm... ok.

    What exactly are 'mens'? Are they related somehow to human gay males?

    And are you really allowed to carry knitting needles on a plane, when other people can't carry on a tiny bottle of contact lens rewetting drops?

    If so, someone should be killed. With a knitting needle.

  2. i think wooden needles might be permitted. you should check it out.

  3. I have written about this before, but according to the TSA webpage (here), knitting and crochet needles [of any type] are permitted. I have carried on metal and wooden straight needles, and plastic circular needles with no problem.

    Tiny bottle of eyedrops are also allowed now, TK.