Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pants! It's Pants! I Tell You!

As some of you may know, I am going to London (!!!) next month. I need a new pair of pants or two for my trip - something cute, fun, and that will travel well.

I'm having difficulty finding anything decent in my size that I like.


I think only fat people live in the suburbs. Maybe this weekend, I'll venture into the District to see if I can find anything.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any suggestions (style, color, brand, store), please let me know. I have to look all hip and European while I'm there.



  1. I'd just hit up an H&M. Seriously. People will wear everything here, the tighter the better (not me), and pretty much any colour goes. If you're feeling super Euro (classy) then try Club Monaco, if you're feeling Euro (trashy), try Versace. Otherwise cords, jeans, t-shirts with ironic logos, that sort of thing is very in.

  2. slim fit. taupe. club monaco. club monaco.

    perhaps there are only wire thin people in the 'burbs and that's why you can't find anything your size. all the stuff that size has been bought by your competition.

  3. Shoes are everything, they will make or break the impression you leave. And yes fitting and tight (which make me look like a beanpole) is very much standard for the under 40 crowd.