Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend Update: Pride Recovery

I have heard that when some people go through a break-up, the first thing they do is have random meaningless sex with a stranger.


The first thing I do is get roaring drunk, then have possibly-not-meaningless "sex" with someone I know [If you're trying to guess who it is, I don't think I've blogged about him before ... hmm ... maybe in passing].

And, now, that I've piqued your interest, let's start from the very beginning. I've heard that it's the very best place to start.

Friday, after work, I arranged to meet Robert and Tomoko at Halo for Happy Hour [2!4!1! Watermelon! Margaritas!]. As luck would have it, my friend, Darryl, and his friend/co-worker, Mike, could also join us. We all converged on the bar between 6:30 and 7.

I have no idea how much we drank. I *think* I had *at least* three watermelon margaritas ... on an empty stomach. We, then, decided to stagger to Food Bar for dinner and ... you guessed it! ... margaritas! Darryl had to leave. The rest of us wandered up to Cobalt [$5 cover. Bastards!]. And, it was at Cobalt where Mike and I started to get a little more flirty.

I met Mike for the first time nearly a year ago. He hosted a birthday party for Darryl at the house he rents. I remember having fun conversation with him, but I had to leave the party early for a date [ok, sex] with John. Darryl told me on Saturday night that Mike had been interested at the party and had been bugging him for my number. However, because I had just started getting a little serious with John, he didn't want to interfere.

The next time I met Mike was at a party at Christal's house before she moved to Atlanta. We didn't get to talk much, because ... well, I had to leave early for a date [ok, sex] with John.

So, there we were in Cobalt. I was [very] newly single, and he was [seemingly] interested. At one point, I started to talk about John and that we had broken up. Mike perked up, "Oh, really? When?"

"Yesterday," I said.
"Oh. wow."

Tomoko and Robert went home. We stayed, because Darryl had called. He was "on his way" back. We waited; we talked; we drank.

Finally, we got tired of waiting and left the bar. As we were standing on the corner, Darryl calls, "I'm almost there." Darryl wanted to meet his new roommate, so we staggered down to Annie's Steakhouse to wait at the bar.

We talked; we drank; and ... fine ... Mike and I made out (a little) at the bar. IN ANNIE'S!!! GAH!

Darryl's roommate and friend arrived, so Mike and I left. We got to P St. and he said, "Would you like to come home with me? I know you've just gone through a break-up, so we can just make out."

We walked to his house and had a really good time and a little bit more than "making out" occurred.

In the morning, we were both majorly hungover. We talked for a bit. We made out a bit more. It was really nice.

I left around 10, arrived home around 11ish, showered, took lots of aspirin, drank several glasses of water, and crashed.

I got up around 4 and motivated, made some calls, organized, and we were on the move. I met Robert and Billy around 6 for a quick dinner at Alero. Then, we met Mike at Dupont Circle to watch the Pride Parade. Lots of fun was had by all. And, I saw my friend, Mike (the one moving to Glasgow), there, too! *bonus!* Darryl arrived a bit later.

Around 8, we went up to Rockville, for Tomoko's 80s-themed birthday party! OMG! Too much fun! As Darryl told her at one point, "Tomoko, you must be a really great friend to pull all these gay men out to Rockville during PRIDE!"

But, seriously, who can resist the draw of 80s Music?

Check out Diablo's pictures here.

We left the party around 1ish. Mike invited me to his place again, but I told him no ... even though I wanted to say yes. I guess my need for sleep was overpowering my need for a night of hot luvin'. I got to bed at 2:35. *groan*

Sunday morning, I walked up to downtown Silver Spring and had brunch at Austin Grill. I did some shopping at Whole Foods. I walked home, did a little cleaning, and started to organize the next meeting: Pride Street Festival.

I met Mike there around 3:45. Then, we saw Steve and Bobby. Then, Mike met some of his friends. Then, Robert joined us. Then, Steve and Bobby and their friends left. Mike, Robert, and I sat in the shade and watched all the people. Finally, Darryl arrived. We hung out for a bit waiting for Mike's two new roommates to meet. As we were standing there, Darryl said, "Don't turn around Steven."
"Uh. Ok."
Then, he said, "John walked by. He didn't see you."
I'm not so sure. John's job is to notice everything. I know he saw me. And, luckily, he saw me laughing and having a good time surrounded by my friends. Ha!

I turned and saw his back melt into the crowd. He was walking with a tall, thin Asian guy. At least he's getting out. And, probably getting laid. Bittersad thoughts filled my head.

We left the festival and went to Dupont Italian Kitchen for dinner, because, really, who doesn't like a little DIK every now and again? The food was OK. The service was bad. The eye-candy was disappointing. BUT, the company and conversation was great.

We left around 9. Darryl and Robert went to Halo. Mike went home. I walked to the metro station. I got home around 10 and started feeling sad, so I went to bed. I tried to concentrate on all the fun things I did this weekend and how for several nights in a row I didn't cry myself to sleep.

I am very lucky to have as many great friends as I do. *big hugs to all of you*

Don't forget: Today is Meat-Free Monday! Do your part for the environment and enjoy a meat-free meal! I haven't decided what I'm cooking tonight, but stayed tuned for a photo tomorrow.


  1. OMG. I've been totally out of the loop. I feel awful. I'm so sorry about you and John. So. I have to say though - You SO have more courage and moxie than I've ever had. What you did took guts, and it shows that you respect yourself. That's awesome! I know it doesn't ease the hurt - but I had to mention it regardless.

    *big huge wet, sloppy, smothering, cuddling smooches*

  2. Well, sounds like you had a (to quote Shigeki) 'fantabulous' weekend! Good for you. :-)

  3. Slut! Slut! Slut!

    I'm so proud! *weeping with pride*

    As for meat-free Monday: I had eggs, toast, hash browns, and veggie bacon for lunch. Yum!

  4. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Congrats on your successful weekend!


  5. It sounds like you had some fun distractions. I hope you are doing well otherwise!

  6. you should break up more often so that it'll bring us all together for more fun!

  7. *g* Nothing like the rebound, eh? :D

  8. First off re: breakup. Believe me, this too shall pass. I don't mean to downplay it or anything, but just breathe. I mean that with love, as much love as a stranger can send to another stranger without it actually being illegal.

    Secondly re: Cobalt cover charge. What the hell have THEY been smoking? A cover? At COBALT? Has it been upgraded somehow?

    Thirdly: Gorrrrl, please tell me you didn't actually make out at the bar at Annie's. I suppose it's charitable service, putting on a bit of a show for the generations past, but seriously. Come on. I'll let it go this once, but ...

    I mean, it's like going to Trio's for the food.