Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Meat-Free Monday: I Am *SO* Gay Edition

Last night, for Meat-Free Monday, I had planned to make a red-skinned potato fritata with spinach and tomato and lots of parm. However, my apartment was hot. My tiny little a/c was pumping as hard as it could already. And, standing in a hot kitchen making a fritata was not appealing.

Instead, I decided to make some sort of potato salad. Yes, it involves using the stove, but not for nearly as long. And, actually, if I had had the presence of mind, I could have nuked the damn taters.

ANYWAY, I found a recipe for Southwestern Potato Salad and I had most of the ingredients. Here's what I did:

Wash and quarter about a pound or so of baby red-skinned potatoes.
In salted water, boil until tender (about 15 minutes or so).
About 1 - 2 minutes before done, add a cup or so of fresh or frozen corn.
Toss with approx. 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 cup(ish) salsa of your choice.
Serve warm or room temperature.

The recipe also called for 1/4 cup cilantro (which I didn't have) and 1 jalapeno, de-seeded and chopped. I had no jalapeno either. Oh, well ...

I think the salsa was spicy enough anyway.

Sometimes, when I cook, I get this overwhelming urge to make it look pretty. PRESENTATION, yo! It's important. [Of course, other times I simply eat the food out of the pan.] This time, I arranged tortilla chips around the potato salad.

I thought it still looked a little plain, so I added a bit of baby spinach leaves and some thin tomato slices ... which I drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

And, this is the result:


Delicious and so very, very gay.

*Meat-free smooches* to Dillon and Mush.

After dinner, I knitted a bit on the neverending sweater and watched Jarhead.

I don't know what came over me, but, after I went to bed (around 10:45), I started to really miss Oscar, the demondog puppy from Hell. John's in Hawaii on a work trip this week, and I began to imagine Oscar all scared and alone at the kennel. He never sleeps well there, and this is the longest time he's spent at the kennel. If John and I were still together, I'd be at John's house taking care of the puppy. Sure he's a handful and got on my nerves, but how can you not love a face like this:


*sigh* I cried for a bit until I fell asleep.


  1. *hugs and smooches*

  2. It will be OK in time. Perhpas Oscar is making sweet puppy love down by the fire? Perhaps he's discussing nuclear physics with the other dogs and laughing about how stupid humans must be to read Ann Coulter novels?

    Someday your prince will come, and when he does you will cook him a damn cool looking morsel like the one here :)

  3. God you are so gay, with that food presentation, you could be the Barefoot Contessa.

  4. Oscar is cute. Did I ever mention that Oscar is my brother's middle name? Why yes, it is! It's a very Scandinavian name... it was my Grandfather's middle name, and Great Grandfather's first name.

    Anyhoo. Just wanted you to know that I'm reading you and my heart ached when I read this last entry. Sometimes it's the things we don't expect to miss that end up being the hardest to deal with.