Friday, June 23, 2006

Wearing a Black T-Shirt Mean You're Going to Hell

I'm wearing a black t-shirt today. I don't wear black all that often. It doesn't compliment my coloring at all. However, some of you may remember my Roommate from Hell experience a few years ago (or was that before I started journaling?). When he disappeared, he left some clothes, including this really soft black t-shirt. After all the shit he put me through, I had no problem keeping some of his nicer clothes.

Anyway, as I was walking to get my lunch this afternoon (grilled veggie burrito with black beans from Baja Fresh. $5.20), I looked at my reflection (as the narcissistic among us are wont to do) and suddenly remembered this story ...

In 1983, my older brother (then 15) went to see Styx in concert. I believe it was the Kilroy Was Here tour (y'know - Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto?). When he got home from the concert, he was talking to our parents and he showed them what he had bought: a black t-shirt!

My parents freaked. "How could you buy a black t-shirt," they asked.
He looked at them funny. What was wrong with a black concert t-shirt? Apparently lots. Much discussion was had, until it was finally agreed that it would be OK for my brother to wear the shirt to school the next day.

Come to think of it, this is probably about the time my mother started suspecting my brother of using drugs (He wasn't).

Back to the present ... I never could figure out the big deal about black t-shirts. Even Wikipedia wasn't much help (see here).

The bands wanted to appear "tough" and "hardcore." Does that extend to the wearer (because my brother was about as far from tough and hardcore as one person could get)? Are people who wear black concert t-shirts automatically labeled as being hardcore, tough, drug-using, crazy people? I have no idea.

Do you?


  1. Hmm -- It depends. Were your parents Amish?

  2. Oh -- and I am jealous of your brother having seen STYX (even if it was the Kilroy tour). When I was a young queer lad, I loved myself some Styx.

  3. back t-shirt huh? hmmm...well i tend to not make my mind up about whether a person is a hardcore, tough, drug-using, crazy person unless i see them with pornographic tattoes, muscles upon muscles, with a needle in one arm and a cocaine tube in their nose while they talk to jesus on a roll of toilet paper.

    it's a me thing.

  4. Black T-shirts are awesome when you're laying in the sun.

    Maybe I should buy a terrarium...

  5. TT and I watched the Jonny Cash movie today, and he was dubbed the original "Man in Black". After it finished TT looked at me and said "He didn't really die, You're HIM!" I guess that (besides her comment the other day that the wardrobe looks a lot darker since I moved in) hints that perhaps I wear too much black?

    I would post some more but I need to go and inject more drugs, beat up some old ladies, etc. Mad as underpants, me. Got a problem with that? Pick a window, you're leaving...

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

    Only Me!

  6. My partner has an extensive array of black concert t-shirts. One of his new faves is a Haunted t-shirt that reads: The Haunted Made Me Do It in white (on black of course) with red splattered throughout the white lettering. Nice hey! You wouldn't think he was a white collar boy on weekdays! Chio.

  7. I'd say black T-shirts are cool; but did you know wearing light blue ones insinuate that you're gay in the Netherlands?

  8. I went thru a phase where all I wore was black. To me, it was a statement that I didn't need color to identify me. But labels are more than what's on the inside of your shirt I guess. You're gonna get them no matter what you do. I think that black t-shirt stuff is a crock.

  9. black's very slimming. if you can pull off black well, meaning you look HOT, the ugly people will wish you to hell. but that doesn't mean you'll go to hell. *believe*

  10. Bitch, you're tall, slender, and blond. You look fantastic in black. Jeez.