Friday, June 30, 2006

The Texans Aren't Coming! The Texans Aren't Coming!

Mike forgot. They are going to a baseball game tonight. Mike was actually supposed to go as well. They bought a ticket for him. However, as I am so much cuter than his friends (and I put out), he is coming to my party! YAY!

His friends are still going to the baseball game.

Of course, now I should have plenty of food for all. Yay!

And, Mike needs to learn to write things down. He seems a little forgetful. I wonder if it's an "academic" thing. The Fabulicious Cuzin's new husband is a teacher/PhD candidate and he is also a bit spacey. Maybe academics' brains are so full of thinky thoughts that the everyday things aren't processed?


  1. Actually, I think being socially dysfunctional and spacey are prerequisites for earning a Ph.D.

    Wait -- Where am I?

  2. Texas is weird. Just sayin'.

  3. my oldest brother has his phd. he's always been one of those people who dance to the drum of a different tree...if you get my drift. he's wickedly witty, loves his kids like you wouldn't believe, but the guy is...well, if he weren't so smart i'd call him an airhead.

  4. So long as he's not a cheating cheater who cheats cheatfully who cares, eh?

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