Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fiesta for Fags and Mexicans!

If anyone from North Carolina's 13th District, specifically from Winston-Salem, reads this blog and you went to North Forsyth High School from 1984-88 and you vote for this idiot, I solemnly swear that I will never speak to you again.

Take a listen to this ad: Click on Brad Miller's Mariachi Party.


OH, but wait, I haven't spoken to anyone from my high school in ... um ... at least 10 years.

ANYWAY, the point is, if you vote for someone who is so obviously filled with hate, then you pretty much deserve what you get.

On to other things ...

I seriously didn't know that this had happened ('Juan Valdez' Is Hanging Up His Poncho) when I made this post. Honest. It was just perfect timing.

Last night, John and I finally saw The Da Vinci Code. The reviews I read were pretty much dead on.

Then, we had a disappointing meal at Austin Grill.

Great evening.


  1. "The reviews I read were pretty much dead on" - you mean it really is a huge pile of crappy bollocks?!

    Only Me!

  2. after debating, I decided not to watch that movie as I'd love to keep my own image of Mr. Langdon. He is not that weird like Tom Hu..oops. Hanks in my head.

  3. You are a genius, mr coffee man!

  4. does one have to be both a fag and a mexican to get invited to the fiesta? where's my invitation?