Thursday, June 29, 2006

88 is Really Great

Last night, after mowing (*geh*) and laundry and eating and movie watching, I started going through some boxes. Guess what I found?

My High School Class Ring! (pictured below)

And guess what?

It still fits. After nearly 20 years. (I graduated in 1988, meaning I got the ring either in late '86 or early '87.)

So, in sudden spasm of geekiness, I decided to wear it today.

I didn't particularly like high school all that much. I was a big nerd. I had some very good friends (but my best friend inexplicably decided to stop speaking to me our Senior year). I was involved in lots of after school activities. And (*sirens* whoop! whoop! Major Geek Alert!), I was the drum major for our marching band. *heh*

When it came time to order class rings, and my friends were all selecting the $400 14k gold ones with genuine diamelles, my father said, "I'll pay for your class ring, but I'll be damned if I'm spending over $100."

Thus, the ring you see pictured below is not 14k gold with genuine diamelles. It is some sort of mystery metal, called, I believe, saladium (seladium?), with a genuine blue glass "gemstone."

Everyone else was getting the garnet-colored stone, which made sense considering our school colors were crimson, white, ... and blue. I wanted to be different - hence the uncut blue "stone" with the engraved "starburst N" underneath.

And, here we have, from memory, my high school's alma mater:

North star whose flame burns
Crimson, White, and Blue
From thy proud portals
Light horizons new.

Shine where thy children
Serve and vigil keep
Kindle something something
Where hope lies fast asleep.


  1. Dork! Dork! Dork!

    You're awesome. Drum major?!?

    I myself studied opera, was a drama fag (as they called them then), loved Shakespeare, and had very few friends in high school.

    I can't believe you're wearing the ring to work! So wonderfully odd! *smooch*

  2. GEEK!!!


    RUN AWAY!!!


  3. Ha ah ha. I never got a class ring, but I do still have the mug that disturbingly resembles a beer stein :) Our colors were blue and gold though, so out class rings looked a lot like yours.

  4. Bah. Bollocks. Bugger. Bloody Blogger. Enough B words. Blogger just ate my comment.

    It was something along the lines of:

    "At least your school had a song, even though I'm sure you made up the last line. In England only posh schools have anything to be proud of and they're normally just latin mottos along the lines of 'Nextus Rectum Pleasia' in the case of boy schools. I don't want to think what the girl schools have. Vaginia Maximus Madami' or something I guess.

    I've never heard of the school ring thing before and I've watched every episode of every series of 'Vampire the Buffy Slayer', which makes me almost an american high school graduate, because I can tell it's all true."

    I think it was something like that. Why the hell did I bother re-typing it? It was funnier the first time around....Perhaps I missed something.

    Oh yeah, and my 'non-posh' school motto was "Fly high". Not in latin. Just a subtle way of saying "We're shit, we've given you no qualifications, get out of here and go abuse drugs..."

    Oh yeah again, I hope your hand is at a weird angle in the photo, otherwise your "giving the bird" finger is way out of proportion - like 3 times too wide. I'd hate to be given the finger by you. So to speak.

    Only Me!

  5. Well you know...High School was such a LOOOOOOONG time ago for me. Marching band was kick-ass thank you, especially on the drum line, but drum majors are alright too.

  6. Haha, I never bothered to get a school ring. I have a long, bitter entry waiting in the wings about why orchestra class was the only reason I don't hate my high school with the power of a thousand suns.

    I can only hum the tune to my school song, and that's just because the orchestra would play it for graduation ceremonies. Nobody ever knew the words--singing it for assemblies was even sadder than the way crowds sing the national anthem.

  7. You probably mean paladium. That's what my high school ring is made of (yes, I went with the cheaper option too).

  8. i didn't get a class ring. hated the idea. yes, hating started early for me.

  9. Ha, I haven't worn my high-school ring in forever. It's this big gold thing with a big red stone, which I mockingly call my Superbowl ring. "Oh red and blue, we'll all be true..."

    For my college ring, I decided to get something I would actually wear once in a while; it's one of those silver-ish alloys, with what looks like a signet on the top.