Monday, June 05, 2006

VUBOQ's Fashion Advice for the Broken-Hearted

Wearing a bright red shirt after a night of crying? Not a good idea.


  1. Bright red shirts are basically always a bad idea, unless you're brown.

    Don't you be crying all night again tonight, baby boy. *smooch* You got my number, use it.

  2. Devastated to read the last post mate, and I hardly know you. You've got my email address, feel free to contact me if you want. Sometimes talking to someone "outside the loop" can help. Like the other day when I asked to talk to you about stuff.

    If I can help in any way, I will - You know that. Just don't ask me to help with any DIY / house chores eh? (You know what I'm joking about - crack went the mirror...!)

    Thanks for the Happy B/Day wishes, you done that despite of everything you're going through. That means an awful lot to me. I've never met you and you're a better friend than some people I've known for years.

    You're tough, I know you'll be ok. But if I can speed your transit back to "ok-ness" in any way I will! Bravo VUBOQ!

    PS. You forgot meat-free monday again. You're bloody useless....(!) Male Hugs from a heterosexual. I never usually do that!

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Oh I prefer to wear bright red shirts after nights of crying. Puffy ones, to match my eyes.

  4. I suppose I should comment on this post rather than previous, so here we go:

    Wear whatever makes you most comfortable. Sounds simple but you'd be amazed how much it helps.

    I find that:

    Red is an angry/confrontational colour, it will make people aware of you before they even talk to you, so possibly not best choice. They will pay attention to you, your expressions and body language, more than usual. Not good if you'd rather remain un-noticed.

    Pastel colours are light and cheery, more likely to make people smile before they approach you, which makes you in turn, feel happy. Good if you're feeling a little low and want a boost.

    Blue is very neutral; if you're not sure how you're feeling and you don't want to influence people this is the colour I'd choose. Your expression and body language talks more than the colour. You can smile to people you want to talk to and remain impassive to those you'd rather not.

    I don't own anything green except a light jacket which I never wear for long periods of time except in the street where people are passing by all the time, so I don't know about this.

    Black seems to promote respectfulness - not in a "Down in da hood mutha-fucka" kind of way but people seem to listen more to what you want to say. I always tend to wear this when I want people to listen, or when I know I'm going to meet important people. Odd behaviour eh?

    I'm not a new-age freak or anything, the above is based on my own experiences, not some magazine fashion quiz, so it's possibly (and probably) bollocks, but it works for me!

  5. oh love :( what a horrid thing to happen. i'm so sorry that it all happened and your heart hurts so very much. if i were there i'd make you special cream of mushroom soup and yummy special garlic toast and parm roasted tomato. i know...i'm a mom...moms are supposed to feed heart break. remember to take extra special care of yourself. john is incredibly stupid.