Thursday, June 01, 2006


Some of you who live in the DC Area may have seen this ad on the metro recently.

It's a little shocking, no?

I did a little research on and, not surprisingly, it's a "non-profit" agency supported almost entirely by the food industry. Similar to the anti-Kyoto Protocol/Climate Change "non-profits" which were -and, in some cases, still are- backed solely by oil companies (I'm looking at you Exxon-Mobil).

Obviously, Consumer Freedom is not exactly a reliable source of information. However, I found the quote by Ingrid Newkirk to be particularly disturbing, so I searched the PETA website for their response to this ad.

There wasn't one. I emailed PETA yesterday and received their rather lengthy response this morning. The crux of which was ConsumerFreedom is bad and we were misquoted. I won't post the entire email here, but, if you'd like to read it, let me know and I'll forward the email to you.


  1. Consumer Freedom is crazy, judging by the ad you posted.

    But I have to admit that PETA has kinda lost it's mind. A year or so ago they released the most absurd comic book I've ever seen, just as inflammatory and insane as a Xian pulp tract. It said that your father, who goes fishing a few times a year, is a cold blooded serial murderer. It was way, way, way crazy over the top.

    They're becoming their enemies, I think. Which is always a danger in a war of morality.

    And as for the quote? I bet they really did say it. They really don't want any research done on animals. ANY. Even if it did cure AIDS/HIV.

  2. send it to me. i've seen those ads and they sicken me. there was another one before this one that i don't remember the details of but i think it was about abortion. simply ignorant! they stop at nothing. ugh.