Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Cup of Ague*

My fantabulous cousin [and her husband] sent me a thank you note yesterday for her [er ... their] wedding present. In it, she wrote, "I'm including this advertisement, which I see everywhere. You'll understand."

I unfolded the paper and cracked up.

The full page ad was for ...

Apparently, it's some sort of Italian espresso and espresso machines.

Illy is a word which, quite possibly, only my cousin and I still use frequently in conversation. Sad, isn't it?


VUBOQ Bonus Points if you know what those words mean without clicking on the links.


  1. hmmm, illy cafe is a pretty well known brand of italian coffee. and all this time i though you were a true coffee aficionado. but all along you're just a dilettante. the horror the horror.

  2. ague is the feeling of aches and fever that comes with influenza...it's a common crossword solution

  3. Like dykewife said. I always get "ague" for "malarial fever" on crossword puzzles, so that's an easy one.

    Illy, however, including that cup and logo you have up, is something I see all over London as a coffee brand. They sell it from a little rickshaw outside my office building. I always remembered its meaning from Shakespeare "illy used" etc.