Thursday, June 29, 2006

Party! Party!

Tomorrow evening is my first ever Summer Buggin' Movie Party. I'm very excited. I'm expecting between 8-10 people (mostly HOT GAY MEN and Tomoko *woot*).

The original plan was to watch the free showing of Mothra tonight at the Hirshhorn Museum. Then, the following night everyone would meet at my place for bug-themed movies. However, no one could make it to Mothra ... which is all well and good, because my home is nowhere near ready to have 8-10 mostly HOT GAY MEN and Tomoko traipsing about it. I must clean.

I wanted to have a bug-theme going on at the party, but I looked all over for fun bug-related items. I didn't have much luck. Now, the only things buggy will be a) my eyes and b) the DVDs I've rented for the occassion - Wasp Woman (1959), Attack of the Killer (or is it Giant?) Leeches (1960), The Swarm (1978), and Mosquito (1994). Tomoko said she will bring THEM!

The food is going to be a weird mish-mash of things: hummus and veggies and pita, liquid cheese and nachos and salsa, inari sushi, cheese and crackers. Nothing too labor intensive though.

The beverage options are vodka and gin martinis (with garlic-stuffed, blue-cheese stuffed, or regular olives) and grapefruit punch (punch!) (add your own vodka). AND, my homemade strawberry limoncello martinis! I've asked people to bring wine and/or beer if they want that.

I've created my own punch recipe, so I hope it will be good. I'm using Grapefruit Italian Soda, pink grapefruit juice, and pineapple juice. I think it sounds kind of yummy. And with vodka, it will be like Greyhound Punch. *heh*

The most exciting thing is that I get to use my new punchbowl (yes, I'm gay) and my very cool punch glasses with triangular cut glass plates, which I swiped from my parents' house [They weren't using them].

Wait. I take that back. The most exciting thing is that Mike is coming to the party ... and staying the night! *heh*



  2. it's a good thing that tomoko is a girl, else the male would be upset that you didn't label him hot too...though..well, anyway...have fun.

  3. Can I come? And to add to the bug theme you could spray halloween cobweb spray around and put platic flies in the ice cubes...

  4. Wait, you're gay?!