Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Breaking Season

Is it something in the water?
Or the weather?

Yesterday, after work, I went to get a haircut. Leah, my wunnerful stylist, told me that she and her boyfriend of three years recently broke up. Then, I met my friend, Jerry, for dinner at Raku. He and his boyfriend of one year broke up a month ago, but had a big cathartic blow-up last Tuesday.

Everytime I tell someone my tale of broken-hearted woe, they counter with "OMG, I know someone else who is going through the exact same thing." Or, at least, they know a couple who recently split, but not because one of them was a cheating cheater who cheated cheatfully.

It makes me wonder if there is something about this time of year which is more conducive to relationships ending. Couples pair off and cuddle through the long cold dark of Winter, frolic and mate in the Spring, and, when the warm Summer sun shines down, cheat, lie and break hearts. And the cycle starts anew.

Could this seasonal disruption of love be because of our primitive instincts? Our evolutionary drive to propagate the species? Not that many gay men are actually procreating; however, they (er ... we) have practically the same evolutionary wiring as those who live in Heterolandia.

Then, again, maybe John is simply a cheating cheater who cheated cheatfully and would have cheated cheatfully at whatever time of the year he could. I just happened to catch him at the start of the Summer. That's probably more like it.


  1. I know someone else on the East Coast who also just had a major breakup. Yah, something in the water. Or maybe the butterfly effect of hurricane season, somehow.

  2. i suspect the latter of your two assessments of j. is the correct one.

  3. I have my suspicions that that wasn't the first time he was a cheating cheater who cheated cheatfully.

  4. I know I shouldn't be smiling but "a cheating cheater who cheated cheatfully" can't help but make me smile. Nice turn of phrase!