Friday, June 16, 2006

The Days Are Getting Longer

and not just because the Summer Solstice is right around the corner (yay!).

John and I used to talk several times during the day, usually during my lunch and afternoon breaks. Even though he is a cheating cheater who cheated cheatfully, I miss the calls (and I miss him too). They helped the day go by a little more quickly. With no John and several of my chatbuddies no longer able to chat, my work day drags even more slowly.

Slower than molasses on a cold day.
In February.
In northern Canada.


  1. if you email me your nym on aol i could chat with you in the afternoon (after, umm....2:30 your time and before i head off to class...about 11 am your time.) silly goose

  2. I LOVE MOLASSES!!! make gingerbread and give me some!!!

  3. I'm so sorry I left you alone! Forgive me! *grovel*