Friday, June 30, 2006

The Next Best Thing

As luck would have it, using my new punch bowl (punch!) will be the best thing about my party.

Mike said yesterday that his friends who are visiting are actually staying two nights, not one. So, my cozy party of HOT GAY MEN and Tomoko has suddenly become a little more crowded party of HOT GAY MEN, Tomoko, and 3 Straight Texans. And, instead of a night of hot luvin', I'll be getting a night of tidying and washing up. FUN. *sigh*

Mike owes me. BIG.

I did get to see him briefly yesterday. He drove over to borrow my air mattress. Then, he drove me to Christal's condo to make sure it didn't flood in the recent (quoth Wonkette) "Rain of Terror." After that, he drove me to Whole Foods for party shopping. We got caught in a quick, weird thunderstorm - thunder! lightning! rain! brilliant sunshine! (what?) And, there was a rainbow. I like rainbows (and not only the gay ones).

He came in for a bit. Looked at the place. Then left to get ready for his guests.

I cleaned the bathroom (oh. joy), washed dishes, organized for the party. I think I need to buy more likker. Plus, I must run to Safeway for the liquid cheese ingredients. AND, I'm out of coffee! The horror! The horror!

When I get home, I'll need to start slicing and dicing veggies, preparing the party platters, and last minute couch de-hairing. Silly shedding PsychoKitty. I need to figure out what to wear too. Something cute, I suppose.

Oh. And I might need to buy an extenstion cord.

I love giving parties, but *sheesh* they're a lot of work.


  1. Three texans in a party with gay guys (and Tomoko)... hmmm... wasn't that the plot to a horror movie once?

    Just kidding! You're going to have a blast (images of Yosemite Sam come to mind)...


  2. GAWD I wish I were there to help. Getting ready for the party can be a goodly part of the fun if your friends help you!