Monday, June 26, 2006

Red Underwear

My emotional rollercoaster of a summer continues to swoop and dive with dizzying speed.

After a brilliant weekend, highlighted by delicious home-made veggie burgers at Billy's and two nights of fun at Mike's, last night I learned that my best friend's father died on Saturday night.

Interestingly, one of the conversations at Billy's house had been on the difficulty of maintaining friendships over time. I met Isa on my first day as a freshman at Elon College (now University). We have been friends ever since, majoring in the same subject (Science Education) and suffering through a couple of unpleasant years teaching in the North Carolina Public School System. As the years passed and I lost contact with many good friends, only Isa (and one other college friend) and I managed to stay in contact. Even spending nearly 4 years abroad in the days before email was commonplace did nothing to weaken our friendship.

As the rain came down in torrents last night and the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed and Sligo Creek over-ran its banks, I lay in bed thinking of what I could say and what I could do. Then, as now, my mind is a blank. This morning, I decided to follow the old adage "when in doubt, send food" [or did I just make that up?]. I sent her and her mother a basket of English muffins and spreads from Wolferman's Gourmet. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

During my break, I'll wander over to the card shop, find a nice card, and struggle some more with what to write. It's times like this when I wish I were more articulate.

Oddly enough, as I sat here letting my thoughts wander, I began to think of underwear. [No, not in that way, you pervy monkeys.]

I was born in the Year of the Dog. According to a Chinese friend of mine, subsequent Years of the Dog will be unlucky. In order to ward off bad luck during those years, I should wear lucky red underwear everyday. Well, this year is another Year of the Dog and I have been remiss in wearing lucky red underwear.

Perhaps, therein lies the truth.


A. Don't forget today is Meat-Free Monday! Do your part for the environment and enjoy a Meat-Free meal! Leave a comment here or post a photo on your blog and I will send tons of *meat-free smooches* your way. Check out Double Take's Meat-Free Monday post. Spice-alicious!

B. Several people have left comments stating their Chinese year and asking what color underwear they should be wearing. In response, I have come up with the following guidelines:

  1. If you are a cute gay male, you should not be wearing any underwear and you should be in my apartment. Now.
  2. If you are a cute straight male, you should not be wearing any underwear and you should be in my apartment. Now.
  3. If you are none of the above, you may wear whatever you wish ... except during your Chinese Animal Year, when you should wear red underwear.


  1. Hmm. I was born in the Year of the Coc...Rooster.

    I wonder what sort of underwear /I/ should be wearing. :P


  2. how about dragons? what sort of undies should i be wearing?

  3. Yeah, you made me wonder about underwear too; I'm a dragon, just don't tell me to wear crocodile leather or something...

  4. Since I'm a cute gay man, I think you should not be wearing any underwear and be in MY apartment right now.

    What to do? *poke*

  5. Sin just poked you! Eeewh! GET A ROOM. *chuckle*