Friday, June 30, 2006

Not That It Matters

BUT, I remembered the line of my high school's alma mater which I had forgotten ...

North Forsyth High School (Winston-Salem, NC) Alma Mater

North star whose flame burns
Crimson, White, and Blue.
From thy proud portals
Light horizons new.

Shine where thy children
Serve and vigil keep.
Kindle thy torch where (this was the bit I forgot)
Hope lies fast asleep.

You may now all fall on your knees and worship my excellent skills at remembering completely useless information!


  1. i'm good at remembering completely useless information, too!

    so, will you fall on your knees and worship my excellent skills?

  2. Fight, Bruins, raise a roar
    wave that Barlow 'B'!
    Fight, Bruins, we want more
    we're with you to victory

    {Something something something}
    our spirit will not die
    so fight Bruins raise a roar
    we will win with Barlow High!

  3. *heh* Jake! *heh*

    "excellent skills"


    pervy monkey.

  4. The average person swallows 3 spiders a year in their sleep. How's that for useless fact recollection? I hope I dont do that in Australia, all the bastards are poisonous...

  5. Fall to your knees and worship what? LOL

    I thought that was seven spiders a year... hmmm. Given how many spiders live in my cabin, I'm inclined to believe I swallow far more than the average.

  6. Anonymous12:42 AM

    go vikings, class of 95