Thursday, June 29, 2006

For Every Drop of Rain ...

... a shirtless man runs by.

Maybe it was because it was the first sunny, non-torrential downpouring day in MONTHS?
Maybe the humidity level was just right?
Maybe Jupiter was aligned with Uranus?

Not that it matters, but apparently yesterday was Official Hot Shirtless Men Run By VUBOQ Day! Woo Hoo!

I noticed the first guy as I was walking back to my building from the dumpster - yes, I was looking all HOT, too ... sweaty, covered in yard-mowing grime. He was most likely Asian, shortish (maybe 5'9"), built, tattooed, and out for a jog. I nearly passed out. So hot.

I had to stand in front of my a/c for a moment once I got back inside.

About 30 minutes later, he runs by again (rear view! woo hoo!). Still hot. And sweatier. Mmm.

As I'm eating my veggie burger dinner, casually staring out the window, another hot shirtless man walks by. He was taller, African-American, and very muscle-y - but not overly so. Just perfect. Aaah.

Such a nice evening.
Maybe it was my reward for mowing the yard :-)


  1. I love it when the weather permits partial nudity. Yum.

  2. you stole my headline and perverted it! damn you.

  3. I declare a similar day for heterosexuals: "Only Me's Day for staring at hot girl arses" It's been a good one. Best for ages in fact.

    It's now a pastime for me, something to do while waiting at Brisbane street crossing which take bloody hours to change and take away the frustration of every bloody person pressing the button. Grrr. That's still really annoying me.

    Looking at hot arses is better then getting frustrated.