Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This morning my living room was filled with rainbows. Many years ago, one of my Taiwanese students gave me these two gold guardian dogs atop cut crystal globes (about 1.5 inches in diameter). When the sun hits them the right way, I have a rainbow room.

I snapped a quick picture and reflected on the symbolism ... The Bible uses the rainbow as a covenant between God and Noah to never flood the world again - rainbow as a promise. And, I suppose, rainbow as hope.

My living room was filled with promise and hope this morning. I like that.

Well, that and gay flags.


  1. Waking up to a room filled with hope and promise is a great way to start the day! I need to get some cut crystal globes and an east-facing window so they catch the sun in the morning!

    I'm sure the inspiring start to the day will have made the rest of it just as positive. Looking forward to your next post to find out...

  2. That's wonderful.

  3. i love your imagery. it's beautiful.

    why not take a few days off work as sick days. it's not like you miss a whole lot of days even when you are sick. just take a few days and be an emotional mess if you want to. it'll also give you a chance to take that laptop in and get it repaired so that you can blog at work.

    this is bound to be a confusing time for you, and having a few days, just to rest, contemplate what you want, cry all you want (and it's bullshit about real men not crying. if mark mcguire can do it on national tv, you get to do it at work.) at least this way you could get a bit of the shock and big emotional stuff out of the way in a more relaxed environment and hug your kitty lots, or at least until she pukes.

    i'm thinking of you, dear friend. i'll support whatever choice you make. *hug*

  4. blog at home!!! not work, you already can do that! augh! curse my autopilot fingers!

  5. Love when the Universe starts sending signals. Like opening a book at random to find THE VERY THING you needed to learn at that moment.

    Rainbows. Nice.