Thursday, June 22, 2006

Walk of Shame

WAM! was a brilliant success last night. The weather was perfect, cooling off slowly as the sun went down. We had a small group (5 people), but sometimes that's better than a larger one ... everyone gets to talk to everyone and fun is had by all.

After the first rather disappointing pitcher, Robert asked the waitress if we could have the next one with "a little less mix, please."
The waitress looked confused, so Mike explained, "More tequila!"
"OH! Of course," she said and scurried off.
Robert looked at Mike, "I was trying to be subtle."

Whatever. The next two pitchers were fantastic. YUM!
And, I know what some of you are thinking ... 5 people and only 3 pitchers. I know. I know. It's disgraceful, but it was a school night.

I *think* (time is a little fuzzy after the second pitcher) we left around 9:30 or 10. Darryl met some guy for a date. Robert decided to walk home, and Tomoko, Mike and I went to the metro station. Somehow, on the metro ride, I managed to convince Mike to let me come home with him. We got to his place around 11.

He was supposed to meet a potential roommate at 10:30. Oops. Fortunately, the guy was still there and Mike showed him the house. After he left, we ... um ... well ... we messed around on the couch for a bit. Then, we went upstairs and took a shower together.

[Just as an aside, the boy likes his showers COLD. gah.]

We went to bed and messed around some more, probably falling asleep around 1:30 or 2 (?).

Needless to say, 6AM came really really early this morning. I got up, dressed, splashed some water on my face and walked to the metro. I got home around 7 and somehow still managed to make it to work on time. YAY!

I am ti red (two words). Need coffee. Need biscuit. Need a nap.
Even though I'm exhausted, I feel good and I'm happier than I have been in awhile.


  1. You are such a tramp, staying up 'til two ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. I'm calling the principal!

    (Ewh, I don't approve of chilly showers! He must need 'em 'cause he's so hot!)

    Here, have a latte.

  2. Yeah, the cold shower thing made me cringe :) But still, good for you!

  3. tomokito10:32 AM

    I have to say, you guys were so cute together in the metro station. I hate you:p

  4. Glad you're happier. We all told you that you would be, didn't we? Carry on getting happier, you deserve it!

  5. Cold or not, at least you got some good naked time.

  6. sounds like you're going to have to teach him that the "h" tap not only has a use, but makes the shower much more amenable (nothing shrinks except wool in hot water).

    i'm glad you had a nice night.

    i couldn't get aim to work at all for me today. i tried this morning when i got up (and before i had coffee) and then after i got home from class, but no luck. :(