Monday, April 23, 2007

5 Little Questions Sitting on a Fence

Last week, I agreed to participate in GayProf's 5 Questions meme. He asked me 5 questions. I typed up 5 answers. Hated them. Erased them. Edited them. Deleted entire paragraphs.

GayProf asks the hard questions. Anyway, I'm still not happy with most of my answers; however, I'm pretty sure, if I don't post something soon, the Meme Gods will come down to smote me.

I really don't want to be smoted ... er ... smitten?

Here are my answers thus far. I am maintain the right to update and edit:

1. What are the events in your life that resulted in your concern forthe environment? Was this a sudden epiphany or part of a long process?

I typed up a long answer, which I hated. So, in a nutshell, it was a long process, wrapped up in my love for the biological sciences, growing up in the NC mountains, my college ecology course, and teaching students about ecological and environmental issues here and abroad.

2. A number of your entries focus on the foibles of dating. They also include an interesting cast of characters (Cheating Cheaters, PAB, and others). What do you hope for in an ideal relationship? Do you imagine wanting something long term? If so, how long? Monogamous? With one man or multiple? Living together? Do you want somebody who is your opposite or the same as you?

This is more than one question, Mister.

I would like to be in a long-term, monogamous relationship with one man. I don’t think polyamory is for me. I would eventually like to live with that man. As for who that man is … that’s more complicated. I want neither a VUBOQ-clone nor my polar opposite. I need someone who is intellectually curious. I want a man who will respect me for who I am, who will be honest with me, and who I can trust completely. And who is really good in bed. And out of bed. And if he can cook, that would be good too. And, although not necessary, independently wealthy wouldn’t hurt.

3. If your life was a sit-com, which song would play during the opening credits? Explain.

What do you mean “if?”

I think I deserve an original song; however, if I have to choose one already out there, right now, I’m leaning towards the Japanese song by The Boom, Tsuri ni Ikou [Let’s Go Fishing]. I love the line: Ame ga yandara, tsuri ni ikou [When the rain stops, let’s go fishing]. I’m not sure why. I’m going to upload the song when I get a chance, so maybe someone can translate it.

When I lived in Japan I would sing it in karaoke with my friend, Anne-Marie, singing the female part. That and some of my friends often use “fishing” in the Brokeback Mountain sense of the word.

4. Tell us a story from your childhood or adolescence where your sexual identity seems clear in retrospect, but wasn't at the time.

Ha. That’s like my entire childhood and adolescence. I’m having a difficult time putting my finger on a specific incident. I’ve been thinking about this all weekend. If something comes to mind, I will update later.

5. Why do you worship and/or adore GayProf?

I think I’ve answered this one before. I’ll have to dig around in my archives ... found it!

AND, there you have it! I believe as part of the meme if anyone wants me to ask them 5 questions, they have to leave a comment.


  1. Yes, questions please! I need something to distract me from kitchen hell...

  2. Thanks for playing!

  3. Now that all the fires are out (figuratively... hopefully also literally), I anticipate having some spare time at work. Distract me!

  4. I need some distraction, q the questions!

  5. I want vuboq questions!

  6. I'd ask for questions too, but only if you haven't already got enough requests.

    In my social circle, "fishin' or something" means putting fishing poles in a vehicle and then driving around getting drunk at bars.