Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coffee and Meds Have Kicked In

See? I'm happy. Damn it. I'm not upset about not being able to take the fucking day off. SEE?


And, since I am in a better mood, here's a rundown of yesterday evening:

Haircut! I *heart* my stylist. I look even supercuter than usual.

Then, I met Robert at Dupont and we went to dinner at Luna Cafe.

1/2 Price Bottles of Wine!

Mmmm ... Bargain!

I also had the Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil sandwich on 7-grain bread. YUM.

Then, I went home and blobbed around the house. Chatted online with a friend. Stayed up way too late, because ... well ... I thought I was going to have the DAY OFF and maybe be able to TAKE A NAP. Dammit.

Happy. Happy thoughts.
I'm treating myself to Chipotle today for lunch. I deserve it!


  1. I do love my pharmies.

  2. What meds?

    Yes, have a nice lunch. Fuck those fucking fucks who made you work ON. YOUR. DAY. OFF. A pox upon them. I hope they all get crabs.

  3. Did you count all the grains to make sure you got your monies worth in your 7 grain bread? I've heard they sometimes use the same type of grain twice but put them in upside down to make them look different.