Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vuboq. Not. Happy.

So, I was supposed to have today off.

Well, come in for an hour. Go to my eye appointment. Then, take the rest of the day.

Except, one of my coworkers is "sick."

So, now, it's come in for an hour. Go to my eye appointment. Come back to's reschedule the appointment for Tuesday and work the whole fucking fuckday. I'm not working Tuesday. So, the weather better be fucking fanfuckingtabulous.

Fuck. So not happy. I didn't bring my lunch.

I had all sorts of things to do at home ... like pick out my paint and start painting, planting marigolds and chili peppers, laundry, random anonymous sex ...

I think I'm going to be cranky today.
Stay tuned.


  1. Vuboq has every right to be cranky. I am sorry, Vuboq. *smooch*

  2. the whole fucking fuckday

    Holy shit! Is my recent increase in swearing part of a global phenomona?

    Look for the silver lining in every bad situation: Your post made me laugh fanfuckingtabulous