Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VUBOQ Contemplates $1300 of Eyewear

I had fun at My Eye Doctor, trying on all sorts of interesting frames, which I've narrowed down to three. I will probably end up buying two (which with insurance and discounts will be considerably less than $1300 ... hopefully).

Unfortunately, I could only find 2 of the styles on line. The unpictured glasses are Bellagio - they have a shiny silver half-frame, are very narrow, and are fairly unnoticeable. Conservative, classy, not memorable.

Here is Frame 1:
Etnia Kiev in Yellow/Brown. I actually look good in these. My concern is the wide side thingies.

Here is Frame 2:

Scott Harris in "Brown," even though they are RED. I look good in these too. This pair would be my "work" pair, as they are slightly more conservative than the Etnia. Unless I buy the Bellagio frames. Then, these would become my "fun" pair.

I need to call and make an appointment soon. And also consult again with how much my insurance will cover.

Any thoughts?


  1. Get the wacky Etnia Kievs. If ya gotta wear glasses, WEAR GLASSES!

    I need new glasses so bad it's not even fuhneh.

  2. I like the first one with yellow but I am sure it would limit your outfit selection since yellow doesn't go with every color... I sometimes get jealous of those who can wear glasses...

  3. Aaron J. Clarke2:33 PM

    I say get both, you are made of money, aren't you?

  4. I like Frame 2. I agree with Shigeki that the yellow on the sides of Frame 1 would be hard to accommodate.

  5. i think it all depends on how (if at all) the yellow part blends in with your skin tone and how it interacts with your bone structure. it potentially is verstile. i would say try them, take pix, and then poll the people..