Friday, April 20, 2007

Field of [Unrealized] Dreams

Yesterday, I agreed to participate in GayProf's little 5 Questions meme. I think this type of meme is particularly interesting not because my answers are so fascinating, but rather I like to see what people want to ask.

I'm still working on my answers. GayProf asks hard questions, but I hope to post them at some point this weekend. While working on one of his questions, I began to realize how my life has not turned out exactly how I had planned. Not that my life is bad (at least it's not horrible or anything), but my dreams have definitely taken a detour ... and it's usually been for financial reasons. I suppose it's about time to re-evaluate what exactly I want out of life ... where I want to be ... who I want to be ...

Self-reflection tends to get me down.

So in a typical avoidance reaction response, I stopped thinking/writing, opened up a bottle of wine [2005 Rojo Mojo Shiraz, a WaPo "Big Bottle that Won't Break Your Budget"], popped in a movie [The Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, which was kind of sucky], and knitted.

Knitting. I think it could solve all the world's problems.

No real exciting plans this weekend, thus far. All the ki'ens, except Robert, are out of town. Tomoko is off on a business trip to NYC, Darryl is going to his parents' house, and Mike is flying out to Santa Fe/San Antonio. So, it will be a lonely happy hour tonight. Saturday, I think I'll clean and do some yardwork, maybe see a movie, and maybe stalk Tim Gunn. Sunday, I'm meeting pab.

Fun times. Fun times.


  1. I recommend drinking a bottle of rioja next time around. Spanish reds go better with existential crises. Not that I am in anyway codependent (or actually dependent).

    Annnnnnyway, I hope that you are doing okay.

  2. If money's your problem, you don't have a problem. You can always get more money.

    Usually we choose to think money's the problem so we don't have to face the real problem underneath, which is usually some self-worth issue.