Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Brain is Fuzzy

Normally, at some point during the night, I wake up, take a drink of water, and fall back asleep. Last night, I was having very intense dreams, which I don't really remember. I popped awake, reached for my water, and ... my alarm went off.

How could it already be 6:21?


And, no, my alarm is not set for 6:21. It's set for 6:20. But, my clock must be wrong, because the NPR guy is always saying "It's 6:21" when the alarm goes off.

I also thought of a funny story to blog about, but couldn't remember it ... until this very moment. Of course, now I'm trying to remember what inspired it.

Cool! I just remembered that too: COMPOST.

My co-op has a compost bin, and I was thinking that I need to buy a little sealed container to put all my compostable rubbish in, because last week I threw out some rotten and/or sprouting potatoes, but did not put them in the compost bin, because I thought they would grow, rather than decompose.

No, that's not the funny story.

The year was 1977. My family lived in the far away land of Murphy, NC. One winter, a friend of the family gave my mom some frozen fruits and vegetables from her garden. The only problem? These fruits and vegetables were not labelled.

My mom decided to use some of the frozen apples to make one of our favorite desserts: Baked Apple Crisp. After dinner, she brought the dessert out of the oven and spooned servings onto our plate. She sat down and we all took a bite of the yummy cinnamony crispy concoction.

Except ... BLEAH! ... Those weren't frozen apples.

They were potatoes.

Moral of the Story: If you are going to give away your frozen fruits and vegetables, please make sure you label them. Otherwise, people might make their favorite dessert: Baked Potato Crisp.

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