Saturday, April 14, 2007

mmm... greasy leftovers


Last night was fun.
I met Robert at around 5PM and we went to Gazuza on Connecticut Avenue. Happy Specials: $6 Apple Martinis and $4 sushi rolls. I think I had 3 martinis. *oof* Darryl joined us about an hour later. And, then, Tomoko arrived at a little after 7. Unfortunately, happy hour ended at 7, so we closed out our bill and wandered over to Cobalt.

Half price cocktails! *woot*
I had two Absolut Ruby Red and cranberry highballs.

After that, we walked up to Straits of Malaya for dinner. I had the nasi goreng (fried rice). And two Tiger beers.

Then, Darryl had to go to another party. Robert walked home, and Tomoko and I went to the Metro station. I think I got home around 12:30? I stayed up goofing around online. Mike called around 1:30, saying he was going to Apex. I decided not to join ... and crashed soon after.

This morning. Not pleasant. Overhung. Fortunately, lots of coffee and lots of leftover greasy nasi goreng are helping! YAY!

Tonight, I am going to the neighbor's party. Robert said he'd come with me, and Upstairs Neighbor and Her Cute Boyfriend will be there, too. Should be fun. I have no idea what to take as a gift. I'm thinking a nice bottle of likker. You can't go wrong with a nice bottle of likker, right?

We're going to try to meet up with Darryl and Mike after we leave the party. Maybe go to the Bachelor's Mill in SE. Or somewhere else different from my regular haunts.

Sunday will be all about rest and recovery, and I may meet up with pab to hear about his recent trip to China. Fun times, kittens, fun times.

Speaking of kittens, since Bala Wala Shi asked, Isabella is fine. I haven't taken any photos recently because my camera's batteries died. *sigh* And, no, I'm not thinking about getting a puppy. Dogs are too much work.



  1. Dogs are a lot of work, but there are also a lot of fun (though I won't get a dog again myself until I have a house and no longer have a cat).

    I don't think you can go wrong with liquor. Even if they don't drink it themselves, they can always use it to entertain their guests.

  2. I'm not dyslexic or anything but for some reason I read "I had two Absolut Ruby Red and cranberry highballs..." as "I had about two Ruby Red and cranberry highballs"

    I thought "About two? About? Wow, they must me good if they confuse you that much!" Then I re-read it. Whoops.

  3. Oh my WORD, you just totally infected me with a HUGE attack of nostalgia. Cobalt! Gazuza! I used to practically LIVE at the former, and got SO many free martinis, it was just...well, literally sickening, if you get my drift.