Sunday, April 15, 2007

Was It Something I Said?

The neighbor's birthday party was fun last night ... once I got there.

I left my apartment on time(ish). Txt'ed Robert to tell him I was on my way. I got to the metro station and realized I had 1) forgotten my wallet and 2) forgotten the address of the party. Oops.

I walked back home, and the rain started. Gah. Fortunately, I had my umbrella. Unfortunately, about a block from my house, there was a *snap* and the umbrella collapsed. Gah.

I found my wallet. Isabella had been using it as a cat toy. It was under the sofa. I took the bus to the station. I was only about 45 minutes late to meet Robert at Jandara in Woodley Park for yummy Thai food - crispy green beans, green curry, Singha. Yum.

After dinner, we walked a few blocks to the party. It was fun. The people were friendly. At one point, someone across the room said, "Excuses are like assholes."

I thought, "Everyone wants to fuck them?"
Only after a guy turned around to stare did I realize ... I must have said that outloud. Oops.

We left the party around 11. I called Darryl and Mike, but both of those ki'ens were headed home. Dang. So Robert and I parted ways - he to his apartment, I to the metro station.

I got home around midnight:30-ish, I think. Not tired, I logged on to Had a nice conversation with this guy with whom I've chatted previously. The other thing I noticed - Sunday Date guy was online, until I logged in. Then, he disappeared. Same thing with John.

It could be chance. They were planning to log off when I logged in. Or did they see me and log off? Makes me wonder. What kind of impression am I giving? Do I seem like the kind of person who is going to accost someone in a chat room? Puh-leeze. I have better things to do with my time. More than likely, they happened to log off soon after I logged in. At least, that's what I like to think. Better than it being something I said/did.

Rainy Sunday Blues. I'm going to veg on the sofa all day, watching movies and knitting.

Could my life be anymore exciting?



  1. so did you figure out why are excuses like assholes?

  2. becoz everyone has one.

    but v left off the part where the guy that turned around says to him, that's the funniest joke i've heard in a while (and i'm thinking joke? that's a joke?). and then as we're leaving this same guy rushes up to him and restates how funny the comment was and how he'd gotten in trouble at his law firm for making a similar (and equally inappropriate?) joke about assholes being for licking. i think they will be friends for eternity!

  3. a vegitarian vegging out on the couch. fancy that!

  4. Diablo, why do you think V "forgot" to include those very important details about the party? and the admirer of V's?? humor?

  5. Excuses are like arseholes coz they're often full of crap. Of course, they generally have a big hole in them too...

  6. You can accost across a crowded chatroom anytime. That asshole thing has me giggling just a bit.

  7. Re: logging off - in my experience, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them being chickenshit (see: Avoidy-dance, Aragorn and TDH editions).