Monday, April 09, 2007

Yawny McYawnypants

Some might argue that the proper title of this entry should be Yawny McYawnerson; however, in a rather intense debate with the cuzin-in-law, Collin, he made it very clear that -well, at the time we were discussing Sweety McSweeterson of the Sweetyville Sweeties ... um ... where was I?

Oh. Right.

He made it very clear that Yawny McYawnerson (or at the time, Sweety McSweeterson) would be like saying Yawny Son of the Son of Yawner (or Sweety Son of the Son of Sweeter), which is a repetitive redundancy and, thus, annoying to his classically trained ear.

Therefore, the title of this post shall remain Yawny McYawnypants.

My day thus far has been busier than I expected, but still not busy enough to provide the entertainment I crave. Thus, I have begun analyzing my date from last night. [Did you know I had a date last night?] I will not share with you all of my insecurities, because no one wants to read that crap [I'm fairly certain no one wants to read this crap either ... that's not stopping me from posting it].

I think it can best be summarized thusly:

I sent an email at 8:16AM. WHY HASN'T HE RESPONDED?

It is obviously because I ordered gen mai cha instead of oolong.


  1. What?! You didn't order oolong?! I think we all understand now: UNDATEABLE!

    I kid -- I kid. Do you even know how often he checks his e-mail? Some people don't do personal e-mail during work hours.

    Relax -- Have some tea -- D'oh!

  2. He's trying not to seem too needy. Give the man a few hours! *hug*

    Cute, big brown eyes? YUM! I want one! (I love the Indian boys, OMG.)

  3. I thought I was the only person that overused the word "thus". It's because of your writing class isn't it? Admit it!