Friday, April 13, 2007

Puppies, Kittens!

Last night, I went over to Mike's house to watch Episode 1 of America's Cutest Puppies. And, they. were. CUTE. OMG. The show was only 30 minutes. It was a lot of fun. I would recommend it as a fun Saturday evening diversion (It's on at 9PM on WE). I even think it would spawn a few fun drinking games, as well.

The funniest thing is the response I got when I tried to get my friends to watch the show. Most looked at me with revulsion. Seriously, I practically had to beat Mike up to get him to TiVo the show.

I don't get it. Something wrong with being cute? Something wrong with admitting you like to look at cute things? Is it, perhaps, that a show about cute puppies somehow threatens your masculinity? Which is kind of funny, since the majority of the friends I told are big flaming homos ...

Oh, well. I made Mike watch the show with me last night, and he enjoyed it. AND, our favorite puppy WON! Yay! However, they haven't posted the winning pup on the website ... kinda sucky. He's a cutie though.

As a thank you to Mike for letting me watch his TeeVee, I cooked dinner - vegetarian chili. Whole Foods didn't have the Boca crumbles I sometimes use, so I bought this other stuff. I can't remember the brand, but let's just say it hasn't quite agreed with me.

Remember Oscar's noxious doggie farts?


Or is that TMI?

At least the chili was good :-)

Finally, here's a link a neighbor sent me yesterday: The Daily Puppy!


  1. Yes, yes that's exactly it. Cute fluffy puppies threaten my masculinity.

  2. marve: I KNEW IT!

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  4. Will you be adopting a puppy soon? A friend for the kitten at home? How is she doing? No news from Isabella for a while now.

  5. I love puppies. Can never eat a whole one though...

    Before the abuse starts, you know I'm only joking.

  6. perhaps it not about threatening masculinity so much as trying to figure out what the point of watching that show would be. bad TV isn't lowbrow enough? we need something so totally frivolous and mindnumbing to distract us from our meaningless empty existences? hmmm, i get it now. sign me up for puppy sightings no. 2.