Thursday, April 26, 2007

Felting Math

Since Mush has kindly explained to me that one can felt wool stuff in the sink, I now have another question:

Do wool items felt at the same ratio?

For example ... the pattern I am making (felted military belts) says to knit 62" and the final felted product should measure 48".

So ... (and here is where Vuboq shows why -in some circles*- he is considered to be a MATHEMATICAL GENIUS), I have knitted a belt which measures, pre-felting, 54".

Thus, the final felted product would be ...

X/54 = 48/62

62X = 2592

X = 41.8"

Is that right?

Let's look at another example ... I have an incomplete belt which is currently measuring 33". I am out of yarn, so if I bind it off and felt it, I would need to find a friend with what inch waste?

X/33 = 48/62

62X = 1584

X = 25.5"

25.5" - 3" (for attaching the belt buckles) = 22.5"

Hm ... do I even know anyone that thin?

*some circles meaning groups of children, ages 3 or younger


  1. One is encouraged to felt a swatch of every kind of wool he intends to felt with, in order to determine in advance what the felting ratio for that yarn is.

    With Lamb's Pride bulky, one multiplies desired size by 1.3 to get the pre-felted size with good results.

  2. goblinbox: now you tell me this. [read: now that I'm out of yarn]

    thanks :-) *smooch*

  3. You didn't ask before.

  4. goblinbox: you would think that type of important information would be volunteered ... or at least included in the instructions.

  5. i would think you'd sense it just from touching the wool. you know how knitters are with that special sensibility.