Monday, April 09, 2007

Date Report - Expanded Edition

Before I left for my date, I called Mike. During the course of our conversation, and in what I assume was meant to be a pre-date confidence boost, he said that I should remember to make eye contact and not speak to the date's chin the whole time. "What if I tell him he has a really cute chin and that's why I can't take my eyes off of it?" I asked.

"That might work," he replied.

I arrived at Dupont Circle much earlier than expected, so I called the Date to tell him that I would wait for him at the bookstore rather than stand in the freezing cold for 20 minutes. He arrived on time.

He's very good looking. Tall. Amazing brown eyes. Beautiful smile. Nice hands. Very cute chin.

We walked to Teaism for drinks and sat and chatted for about an hour. Then, we decided to walk around, but after about 10 minutes decided it was way too cold. We ended up going to Luna Cafe for a quick bite for dinner.

Then, he had to go to yoga and I went home. We hugged good-bye.

I had a good time. I felt the conversation was interesting. He is a nice guy.

Now comes the Waiting Game. Will there be a second date? I hate this part. I emailed him this morning. We'll see what comes next ...

And this gives me the perfect opportunity to reflect on why I am a bad first date ...

1. I have difficulty making eye contact ... especially when I find the person attractive. Shyness, perhaps? Lack of confidence? Amazement that someone good-looking would actually go out with me? Who knows? I try to work on it, but after awhile, I begin feeling uncomfortable and I go back to talking to chins.

2. When I'm nervous, I babble. Which can make it seem I'm not interested in learning about the other person. I tell all sorts of stories about my life. I think they are entertaining. Not so sure about what the date thinks.

3. When I'm not babbling, my brain shuts down. I want to ask all sorts of questions to learn about the date. During the hours leading up to the date, I think of fun questions to ask to get conversation going. Yet, by the time the date starts, I have forgotten them. Durf.

So, there you have it. My date. Fun times.

In other news, don't forget it's Meat-Free Monday! Do your part for the environment by enjoying a meat-free meal today! Mmm. Tofu!


  1. Regardless of your move (which I don't find that no-no), I hope he e-mails you back soon :-) Keeping fingers crossed for you!

  2. Hi neighbor. I hated the waiting game, too. Now I miss it. Believe me.

  3. Just to clarify: You don't make eye contact, but you do stare at chins? That's confusing...

    We are all our own worst critic -- especially when it comes to dating. I am sure that he came away with a positive image of you.

  4. gayprof: sorry to be confusing. What happens, usually, is that when i'm talking to someone I begin making good eye contact [I think]. But, after awhile, I feel uncomfortable, so I glance down. I still want to look at the person's face, so I end up focusing on either his/her mouth or chin. At least, that is what Mike has pointed out to me [on more than one occasion].

    did that help?

  5. You're not shy. You're a natural sub! ;-)