Sunday, April 01, 2007

Taking a Ride on the Shortbus

This evening I watched, Shortbus, a movie which was highly recommended by a few friends. Unfortunately, if you strip away the sex, I found it to be formulaic and predictable. The final few scenes were so highly telegraphed that I wasn't surprised. And, I definitely wasn't impressed.

I can see how this movie could have resonated with some people (Mike), but I don't think I can really go into that without giving away a large part of the film. How do film critics do that?

The acting was fine. The actors, especially "James," were good [and hot]. But, still ... I was left thinking, if it weren't for the sex, no one would have even noticed this film. Pretty blah.

If a film has to rely on sex scenes to be impressionable, it might as well try not to aim any higher than porn.


  1. when the movie came through saskatoon, there was much ado in the centre about it. a whole crew went off to the opening to see it. most of them thought it was marvelously avant garde. i never did bother to go and see it. i can't remember if Bran went or not.

  2. Nothing wrong with quality porn, though.

    I've never even heard of this movie. Is the sex good?

  3. Your post should be titled "Taking a Ride on the High Horse".

    Only joking of course! I have no idea what the film is about but I just thought of that highly clever comment and had to share it.

    See what I done there? It rhymes. And it sounds the same-ish. See? Aren't I clever?

    But I'm sure you're right about the film - after all, if I've not heard of it it's probably cac...