Monday, April 16, 2007

April is the Cruelest Month

It would seem that my building's management company was not expecting mid-April to be FUCKING FREEZING!

Exhibit A:
There is no heat in our office.
I am so tired of wearing sweaters.
I'm so tired of being cold.

I want to be HOT!

I mean, hotter than I already am of course.


  1. ooh, glad you found the pie! and i hope you like it!

    what's your favorite kind of pie?

    joe and i are going on a big vacation to the New Jersey Pine Barrens! And Atlantic City! We leave on Wed. morning.

    oh, i guess you're not supposed to post your own news on other ppl's blog comments. but i am so ooo oooo excited.

  2. oooh the jersey devil lives in the pine barrens! good times! good time!

    i want pie. coconut cream pie.

  3. get yourself a very warm pair of gloves to drop a subtle hint of the importance of appropriate heating in the work environment. it looks like you've been frolicking in the carbon paper.

  4. Holy shit, you turn fucking purple when you're cold?!??! My ghod, that's awful! (But nice choice of colors, btw.)

  5. Move to Aus. It's damn hot!