Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Meat-Free Monday: Productivity Edition

I was a busy busy beaver last night ...
Pictured to the left is my Meat-Free Monday pasta salad. I know, I make pasta salad all the time and it's nothing special. Whatever. Sue me. It even has the same stuff I always put in it: grape tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and feta. The dressing? The same as always: olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, basil, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. The bread? What else, but Whole Foods' kalamata olive bread. The wine? 2005 Rojo Mojo Shiraz.

Perhaps, I am in a food rut.

No matter. It was yummy.

Plus, I made extra dressing and used it to marinate sliced roma tomatoes and cucumbers, which I will use for sandwiches for lunch the rest of this week.

And, I did all the dishes, except a few I dirtied later on in the evening.

And, I remembered to not put all the food waste in the trash, but take it out to the compost bins.

And, I finally answered GayProf's 5 Questions Meme (see previous entry).

And, I entered all my weekend expenses into my budget.

And, I'm living off instant cup noodles for the rest of the month. [Ha. I kid. I actually think I'll be ok this month.]

And, I cleaned off all of my ceiling fan blades. They were GROSS.

And, I even had time to watch a movie and knit.


My plans for today ... I need to pay bills (mortgage, co-op fee, phone bill). I need to work on my annual performance review (how to make "I do nothing all day long" sound like "maintaining superior performance levels"). And, after work, I'm heading into the District for an overdue haircut. *woot*


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  1. I can't wait weekly delivery of Meet-free Monday meal to my apartment!