Monday, April 02, 2007

Meat-Free Monday: For Want of a Screw Edition

Happy Meat-Free Monday!

For today's experimental concoction, while a cup of basmati rice was cooking, I quickly fried a spoonful of Thai red curry paste in some vegetable oil. Then, I added one thinly sliced shallot. After letting that cook for a quick minute, I splashed in some soy sauce and a bit of water. And added four sliced portabello mushroom caps.

After that had all cooked, I added a green squash which I had sliced very very thinly using my vegetable peeler.

I let all that cook/steam for a bit, while I searched for my corkscrew.

That's when I remembered that I had left my corkscrew in my Upstairs Neighbor's apartment after her birthday party.

I have a lovely bottle of riesling, sitting in my fridge. Unopened. *sigh*

It would have been perfect, because *cough* the food was *hwha*
Next time, I will measure the Thai red curry paste a bit more carefully.

The final result:

Mmm. Ice cream later on tonight. *woot*

*meat-free smooches*


  1. Green squash means what? Zucchini?

  2. goblinbox: yes. i can never remember how to spell zucchini. Green squash is easier :-)